£ 84.99 

Scope alignment / accurizing bars and scope ring lapping bar.

For 1 inch scope rings

For the perfect fitting of valuable scopes.

Includes lapping/grinding paste & delivery to UK mainland


What is Scope Ring Lapping?

Basically, Scope ring lapping is what happens when you grind away the uneven surfaces that are on the inside of your scope rings. Doing so will lower the chances of the scope getting scraped or damaged. However, it will also create a greater contact surface as well which means that the scope will move less as a result. The purpose of scope ring lapping is to make the rings as close or “true” to each other as possible. Even well manufactured rings may not be perfectly aligned which can result with vibration and even movement issues over time. The truth lies in the fact that the more pieces you add to something, the more things can go wrong. When it comes to scope rings, the better you can lap them, the tighter the grip they will have on your weapon.

The Importance of Scope Ring Lapping

The reasons you should perform scope ring lapping start with removing some of the stresses that can build up over time. Scope rings that still have kinks and other issues even though they may be small will grow to the point where you will have to make more frequent readjustments. When you consider that the scope itself is a finely tune instrument, any movement or imperfection can make it go off its target ever so slightly at first and then more pronounced later on. When you consider that no matter how good your scope is, it will not perform to its fullest capabilities if the mounting torques the tube which results in binding up the internal structure in the rings themselves. When you consider all the stresses that occur when firing or carrying or even adjusting the weapon, the little imperfections present when the rings are not lapped will certainly add up over time. In addition, the stresses which are placed on the tube will tend to degrade the overall performance of the optics as well. When the perfect alignment is now off because of the slight movement of the scope, then the elements will tend to work against its accuracy.